Threat of marriage with a maniac

Boris Lordkipanidze and Mikhail Vinogradov. Experts told why the threat of marriage with a maniac

The choice of a serial killer in men may be associated with the desire to thrill while there are women who get pleasure from stories wife about the crime, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts. According to them, marriage with convicted of murder maniac threat.

Earlier, several media outlets reported that a girl from Yaroslavl married and had a daughter from a 64-year-old serial killer from Ukraine Sergey Tkach, who killed and raped around 40 girls from 7 to 17 years. The girl was only 16 when she saw her future husband on TV and fell in love with him in seven years, she managed to find the Weaver.

Boris Lordkipanidze expert in Russia

Obstetrician-gynecologist, sexologist, an international expert on reproductive health in Russia Boris Lordkipanidze convinced that serial killers are not corrected. «There is no such precedent that the person that killed 40 people, getting pleasure from it, at some stage suddenly stopped and later would become a model citizen of society. Such a relationship is the sword of Damocles, which for her at any moment can end quite badly,» said Lordkipanidze.

Mikhail Vinogradov Forensic psychiatrist

Forensic psychiatrist, Director of the «Center for legal and psychological assistance in extreme situations,» Mikhail Vinogradov also believes that serial killers are not able to abandon the criminal life. Vinogradov explained that such crimes were committed against the background of specific changes in the brain, so convicted serial murders and rapes people for life must be isolated from society. The expert is convinced that the woman who chose maniac for a husband, has some deviation from the norm.

«Women who write in the colony letters do, in their opinion, the correction of serial killers, very much. It is striking that women of a certain psycho like it when their husband or cohabitant’s a villain. There were cases when women demanded that the husband after each crime reported to her that he did,» said the criminologist.
Love or lust for thrills

Lordkipanidze said that love is that feeling which is formed in the course of the relationship. «This human knowledge, the assessment of its positive and negative qualities. When a man falls in love with a television image, of course, is already some deviation, that is, not enough people realistically assess these characteristics,» — said the expert.

«She fell in love with this image — perhaps a person has a certain penchant for thrills. If you compare that in school most girls fall in love with losers and bullies than «nerds» and honors, owing to the fact that the behavior of the first causes that do not fit within social norms,» he said.

Lordkipanidze also suggested that in such situations, triggered evolutionary instinct when the female partner on the basis of his endurance, ability to resist the outside world — man, next to which is likely to survive.

«The maniac, of course, is not very applicable, but this here is the sharpness… for many people, walking on the razor’s edge also causes a surge of adrenaline. In this situation, if she’s already crossed that line, if she just fell in love with this image, and she met him and bore him a child, of course, this suggests that people are not adequately evaluates not just the features of the man: misunderstood what the maniac that is the killer, and very often, this victim behavior, that is, the sacrifice — it leads to bad consequences,» he said.



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