Boris Lordkipanidze about a Federal program for HIV prevention

Russia needs a Federal program for HIV prevention, says expert

The subject of prevention of HIV infection in Russia has no comprehensive approach, we need to develop a Federal program, approved by the Ministry of health and Ministry of education and science, says obstetrician-gynecologist, an international expert on reproductive health in Russia Boris Lordkipanidze.

Boris Lordkipanidze anti HIV
Obstetrician-gynecologist, an international expert on reproductive health in Russia Boris Lordkipanidze

Previously, the newspaper «Kommersant» reported that the Ministry of education scandal for an online lesson on protection from HIV infection for students. Performers of the Internet project refused to comply with the requirements of the Department negotiate in advance the answers to the questions and recommendations «to talk about morality in order to escape the slippery» and avoid words like «condom». Online lesson must go on 1 December.

«The problem is that we are all the time trying some snatches to convey information to Day of fight against AIDS, family Day, and in General, we do not have a comprehensive approach, which, in fact, requires this topic. I’ve always been a supporter of the fact that should meet the experts: psychologists, teachers, doctors, needs conceptual approach to this question and create a program. And this program must be approved by the Ministry of health, and the Ministry of education and science,» said Lordkipanidze.

According to him, only when it is the final understanding of how the plan should look like, you can move on to the next stage — the presentation of the finished material, agreed upon and duly executed by both the medical and moral point of view. «This is called the creation of a Federal program on preservation of reproductive health, for example,» — said the expert.

He also reminded that in 90-ies there was already such a project, but it has not caught on in Russia, as it was a lot of controversy and it is not tied to the Russian mentality. According to him, the Western version is indeed not suitable for implementation in Russia, so you must create your.

«If to speak about a specific situation, about the conflict that erupted, I can say only one thing: of course, when the contract is concluded, the employer is entitled to require from the contractor agreeing on all points, in particular, in particular, and in advance to provide all the materials, which they then in online translation are going to present. It is from one point of view, and the second — I can say humanly that is very difficult to discuss HIV without touching such words as «condom», concluded doctor Lordkipanidze.

Olga Vasilyeva anti HIV
Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva

Earlier, the Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva has opposed the introduction in Russian schools sex ed classes. According to the Minister, every parent must decide when and what to talk with your child about what’s going on in my life. With this Foundation, noted that when she was in school, the program in biology in the 10th grade, all these questions were submitted «in a very subtle form.»


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